MMA Classes Easton PA 18042


Not for the faint of heart, our competition team is comprised of some the worlds top professional fighters. A very select few of our students fight in the highest levels of competition and promotions in the world. The UFC, WBC, Bellator, Lion Fights, World Series of Fighting, Strikeforce, Max Muay Thai, ROC, CFFC just to name a few... In time, with hard work and dedication, you too may be invited to the "Combat Athlete" program. The Combat Athlete Program is an invitational program designed for three types of students. A, Students that want to train along side fighters but may not want to compete themselves. B. Aspiring fighters and competitors C. Students who want to become instructors It generally takes 1 year, a consistence attendance record, and a demonstration of a stand out work ethic before you may qualify for the program.