Nak Muay Gym

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An Authentic Muay Thai Gym in the Lehigh Valley

440 Cedarville Rd. Easton, PA. 18042

Improve the quality of your life! Mind, Body and Spirit. Specializing in working with beginners, our Muay Thai program is Fun & Safe. 

We’re here to help you gain the confidence to succeed in everyday life. Training Muay Thai will make you feel great about yourself, that’s a fact.

We’ve designed a program that helps students achieve their personal best in physical and mental excellence. 

Optimal fitness levels, real-world self defense skills, meeting new friends, kicking butt and having a blast are just a few of benefits you’re about to experience. Guaranteed!

It's the Ultimate Stress Relief!
Lose Weight, Get Fit, Become Strong... and BLOW OFF STEAM!
Focus & Clarity
Begin a new journey in life as your daily stress levels decrease, leaving you clear, focused, and present everyday.
A Truly Unique Cultural Experience
It's more than just a fighting art... It's an adventure like no other on the planet. Join our class trips to Thailand!
Nak Muay Gym
Authentic Muay Thai Training in Easton, PA. Proud Members of Team Sityodtong

Measure Progress

Track your progression every step of the way!

Ranking & Curriculum

You will love seeing the progress you’re making at each step of your journey with our comprehensive ranking system!

Lifetime Benefits

Energy levels sore and stress is relieved!

Confidence & Feeling Great!

As your fitness level increases and your skills begin to sharpen, there is only one way to describe it. You Feel Amazing!


A friendly atmosphere!

An Uplifting Team Spirit

Meet new friends and become a part of a winning team. Every student's like family here.
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Workout with a Purpose...

We help you take a focused approach to getting in shape and learning new skills. Nak Muay Gym is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Our passionate and professional instructors are here for you. Every step of the way. Regardless of your current fitness levels or athletic abilities, we welcome anyone in search of self improvement.

Who comes to our Academy?

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Non-Competitors = Good people who love the Muay Thai Lifestyle
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Some of the best professional fighters & world champions


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Build your Self-Confidence by learning a proven, effective martial art for sport or for self-defense
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Reduce Stress and enjoy the healthy life-style of being a Muay Thai practitioner
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Daily Energy Levels will skyrocket along with your increase in balance, coordination, strength and agility
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Top Level Instruction from real professional fighters and coaches
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A complete immersion of Thailand's culture, history, and traditions in all of our courses
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A fully detailed curriculum that enables you to measure your progress through a complete and accredited ranking system

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    Here's what a few of our students have to say

    joe k nak muay academy

    Joe K

    Medical Research

    Training at the gym has had such a good effect on my life. My moods way better, my health is better, I get to clear my mind so I’m actually better at my job because I get to come here. 

    Elizabeth E muay thai academy

    Elizebeth E

    School Teacher

    It’s a bonus to go jean shopping and actually be excited to try them on. I feel great! And everyone has shown me so much help and support. Best decision I ever made. I love it here!

    Terry-C muay thai academy

    Terry C


    64 years young. Training at Nak Muay Gym has been one of the most positive experiences in my life and it has certainly exceeded my expectations! 

    440 Cedarville Rd. Williams Township, PA. 18042 (908) 502-8173

    Serving Northampton County and the Lehigh Valley Region. Easy access from all major routes 22, 78, 611, 33 and 248