Providing the most realistic and effective MMA training for any situation. Our no-nonsense approach to fitness and self defense will leave you feeling more confident than ever!

    A Seriously Effective Program that gets you in shape and teaches you  how to actually defend yourself. 

    Nak Muay Gym takes a no-nonsense approach in learning self defense and fitness. Our MMA classes consists of the street lethal strikes of Muay Thai, most notably knees and elbows designed to render any attacker helpless.

    We also incorporate the takedowns, escapes, and submission holds or Gracie Jiu Jitsu should someone invade your personal space and actually put their hands on you. We combine these realistic and effective techniques with the intensity and harsh realism of a Krav Maga class.

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    Most Krav Maga schools and other MMA Gyms simply borrow or steal a few handpicked techniques from the other martial arts and repackage them as their own. The problem with this is that these folks very rarely have an answer should the one technique they have trained to do, fails. Or, if they are encountered with real resistance from an attacker. Our MMA School teaches mixed martial arts techniques used by our professional MMA fighters. You’re getting realistic live training that will prepare you for any dangerous situation. With our approach to training, you will have an answer in every position of combat.

    Attention Beginners …

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    Progress feels great! We guarantee you measurable progress in our MMA classes.

    Nak Muay Gym specializes in working with beginners. It can be a bit daunting walking into a martial arts school for the first time. But once you meet our friendly staff and other students, those butterflies will be sure to go away. We welcome newbies with open arms!


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    We also know how to TEACH a beginner martial arts student. This focus is on the basics. The basics are your foundations for everything else. You will learn step by step, in a curriculum designed to take a student from the Beginner level to a Mastery level.

    All programs are curriculum and level based. You will love seeing the progress you’re making at each step of your journey. You will be prepared and evaluated on a regular basis to keep your skills in line with your current curriculum.

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    Benefits that last a lifetime!

    Our Mixed Martial Arts school  instills a confident feeling in our students! The first sign of this usually starts when your fitness level begins to increase. After a short time of training with us, you will notice the difference! It feels good to know that you can truly defend yourself if the moment may arise. In our Self Defense program we offer a variety of martial arts styles to choose from. And each one is PROVEN to be effective!

    The other confidence builder is in the programs themselves. As you transition from a humble beginner to an intermediate level student, your skills will be gaining each training session. It’s a great feeling to know that you can truly defend yourself and your family. Your confidence will transcend to outside the Martial Arts realm as well. Our students have seen massive confidence gains in the work place, in social settings, and just in everyday life experiences. Your Martial Arts Fitness levels will leave you feeling good after every class. Our programs are like no other on the planet!


    We are NOT a Meathead Fight Gym!

    Let me explain…
    Fight Camps are designed to weed out the weak. Fight schools always cater to individuals who compete. At Nak Muay Gym, our students are focused on learning and improving their martial arts skills. We are all here to help and support each other in getting better and achieving personal goals. Yes, our staff does consists of some of the worlds best professional MMA fighters, this is true. But the common thread among our professional team is that we all have the desire to share our martial arts experience with others. Our staff is first and foremost dedicated instructors.

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