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    Self Defense Classes

    Practical for the Real World! The skills you learn in class can literally save your life someday. Period! Actual, Professional Fighter Instructors… NOT “Self-Proclaimed Experts”. Nak Muay Gym, Easton, PA. (908) 502-8173

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    The self defense instruction at Nak Muay Gym is unmatched by almost any other martial school around.

    Our instructors are all of world class caliber. From certified professional Muay Thai trainers, to Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champions, to professional MMA fighters. We even have MMA Champions who regularly compete on television. Nak Muay Gym’s staff is just a step above the rest. What does all this mean to the beginner martial artist? This means you will not be wasting your time with so called “experts” and newly crazed “Krav Maga aficionados” You will be learning the battle tested techniques from the source. You will be learning from the folks who have been in the trenches of real fights. WARNING: Not all self defenses classes are created equally… Many other schools in the Hillsborough  area are really Karate schools that jumped on the MMA bandwagon. Many of the techniques these school implement are just out of date and frankly speaking, completely useless in a real street altercation. Our programs are different.

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    The self defense skills you learn can literally Save Your Life!

    The benefits of gaining self defense skills can and will serve you if you are attacked. Self defense begins with awareness and a strong mental state of mind. Assailants will generally choose a victim who appears weak. Our self defense classes will teach you how to sharpen your skills, in a real and practical training system. 

    Many of the areas Law Enforcement and Military personnel train at Nak Muay Gym. The martial arts styles we teach are the most effective. These men and women take chances everyday in their line of work. Taking chances with an unqualified Martial Arts School can literally cost one of these individuals their life. Training in our Self Defense system will instill a brand new confidence in you.  The reasons are simple… What we teach our students, works!

    Try Us Out, Risk Free, for 2 Classes!