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Nak Muay Gym provides realistic and effective MMA training.

A true Mixed Martial Arts gym located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Our no-nonsense approach combines the most effective techniques from various martial arts around the world. Learn MMA for practical self defense, a fun way to stay fit, or for sport and competition. Voted Best of Bucks County and Montgomery County 2015! Join us for a free 2 week trial course. 

A No Nonsense Approach to Learning Mixed Martial Arts.

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Nak Muay Gyms MMA classes consists of the street lethal strikes of Muay Thai, most notably knees and elbows designed to render any attacker helpless. We also incorporate the takedowns, escapes, and submission holds or Gracie Jiu Jitsu should someone invade your personal space and grab you.

Most MMA and Krav Maga schools actually “borrow” or steal, a few handpicked techniques from the other martial arts and repackage them as their own. The problem with this is that these folks very rarely have an answer should the one technique they have trained to do, fails. Or, if they are encountered with real resistance from an attacker. With Nak Muay Gyms MMA program, you are getting realistic live training that will prepare you for any dangerous situation. With our approach to training, you will have an answer in every position of combat.

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“I was looking for high quality instruction”…

“MMA has been my favorite sport since I was 16 and I always wanted to give it a try. I found a few different schools in the area, briefly tried a few classes, and it was not a great experience for me. I ended up choosing Nak Muay Gym because I was really looking for high quality instruction. I felt welcomed right away, and I noticed they weren’t showing favoritism like at the other places. I have gained some great friends and right now I am in the best shape I’ve ever been. My goals for the future are to become an mma fighter and an instructor as well. I would love the opportunity to teach up and comers as I have been taught. I want to help others evolve and learn as my coaches have done for me.”

Program Overview

Our MMA program is designed for the student who wants to get in great shape and learn practical self-defense. Mixing both striking as well as grappling training will make you become very well-rounded and versatile against any attacker. The curriculum will cover Muay Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing and Hand-to-Hand Combative Training. Most of the techniques that Krav Maga has tried to incorporate into their system have been taken from these arts. Our MMA program is the best for practical self-defense. We also teach many of the area’s local law enforcement, military personnel, homeland security officers, swat team members, and FBI agents. This program will give you the skills needed to protect yourself and your loved ones. The classes are guaranteed to optimize your fitness levels and instill self confidence with your new found skills. Oh, and did I mention the classes are a blast! Finally a FUN way to stay fit!


Progress feels good! You’re guaranteed to have measurable progress in the MMA program.

At Nak Muay Gym, our specialty is working with beginners. It can be a bit daunting walking into a martial arts school for the first time. But once you meet our friendly staff members and other students, those butterflies will be sure to go away. We welcome newbies with open arms!

We also know how to teach a beginner martial arts student. This focus is on the basics. The basics are your foundations for everything else. You will learn step by step, in a curriculum designed to take a student from the Beginner level to a Mastery level.

All programs are curriculum and level based. You will love seeing the progress you’re making at each step of your journey. You will be prepared and evaluated on a regular basis to keep your skills in line with your current curriculum.

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Would You Like To Learn MMA From Real Professional Fighters?

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A great instructor should be passionate about making his or her students better. Our coaches are dedicated to your success! Nak Muay Gym staff members exhibit the true meaning of being a Martial Artist. Many of our instructors are professional fighters. We also have non-competitors from our current student base who are mentors and assistants. One of our main prerequisite for coaching is that the applicant must have the burning desire to pass their skills and lineage onto others. The willingness to work with all types of individuals (not just the athletically gifted ones) is one of the many traits that separates our MMA school from most of the other establishments in the Philadelphia area. We are passionate about the martial arts and want to share this experience with others. We can honestly say we’re the best at what we do!

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“I can truly say that training at Nak Muay Gym has changed my life forever!” 

“The instructors are top notch and it is easy to see that they love what they are doing. They are always willing to help and treat everyone with respect. They demand the most from their students and are very effective at getting results. After a few months of training in the MMA program, I decided to begin competing in grappling tournaments. Which was something I never envisioned doing before. In the year I’ve been competing, I have earned 3 first place medals, 4 second place medals and a whole lot of third place ones. Training at Nak Muay has not only given me the fun way to stay in shape I was looking for, but is also the most fulfilling and challenging hobby I could imagine.”  – Cynthia P.

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The Benefits That Will Last You A Lifetime

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Mixed Martial Arts classes instill a confident feeling!

The first sign of this usually starts when your fitness level begins to increase. After a short time of training, you will begin to notice the difference. It feels empowering to know that you can truly defend yourself and your loved ones. Another confidence builder is your progression through the ranks of the programs. As you transition from a humble beginner to an intermediate level student, your skills will be gaining each training session. It’s a great feeling to know how far you’ve come along and what’s up ahead. Your confidence will transcend to outside the Martial Arts realm as well. Our students have seen massive confidence gains in the work place, in social settings, and in their everyday life experiences. Increases in your overall fitness levels will leave you feeling great after every class. It’s the best thing on the planet!

Make Friends And Be Part Of The Team

Martial Arts benefits can be very rewarding. One of the main reasons many people choose to join our school is for the healthy life style and meeting new friends. Nak Muay Gym prides itself on having a friendly atmosphere and a spirit of team unity. To reach your goals individually, it is crucial to have teammates helping you every step of the way. Not only will you make life-long friends at our martial arts school, but you will also be able to network with literally hundreds of people. There is a special bond that will form with the people you train with and everyone considers each other as an extended member of our Martial Arts family.

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