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Get Back To Feeling Great Again!

Finally! A Kick-Butt workout that is GUARANTEED to get you in the BEST SHAPE of YOUR LIFE!


Burn through 500 to 1000 calories per workout – the best fat-burner you can do!
Have an absolute blast every class! Classes are fun, fast-paced and engaging!
Develops a leaner, toned & firmer physique for women and helps men become cut and shredded!
Gain new confidence and self respect!
Daily energy increases so you can be more productive. Feel great everyday!
Meet new friends and become part of a winning team!

Real Kickboxing Real Results!

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Does this sound familiar to you? You make a firm commitment to yourself that you´re going to get into shape. Come rain or shine, you´re going to work out with Spartan intensity.

You religiously trek to the gym, with determination and zeal – hoping you´ll shed those pesky pounds. Two weeks pass, and to your utter despair, you discover you´ve barely made a dent in your weight lose progression!

Or – you explore classes that promise 30 minutes to 60 minutes of intense exercise. And yet, despite the hype, you’re not taught how to properly kick and punch and the results you wished for don’t appear.

Weeks pass and you begin to wonder if you’re wasting your time in that class. You begin to wonder if there’s another workout that would better suit your time.

Like most people, you probably get easily bored with the same, boring exercise routines week after week, which end in one thing – quitting. And who can blame you, it seems fun and exciting at first, but then it loses its novelty and you´re back where you started. That is not unusual. The good news is there´s an easy solution to the problem…

Kickboxing workout Lehigh Valley

It’s called Muay Thai Kickboxing and You will be in the Best Shape of Your Life!

The reason why is simple. Unlike many other exercise routines, kickboxing is a complete, full-body workout. If taught correctly, it challenges you in ways other workouts simply cannot and do not.

Perhaps you’ve gone to kickboxing classes before but weren’t entirely impressed with the results. That’s normal. Most classes involve you punching and kicking in the air. Or even worse, the classes are taught to you by someone who has no business teaching proper techniques so you won’t injure yourself.

After a few weeks, the routine turns bland, your muscles adapt and the results you desired: greater strength, weight-loss, and increased energy stop coming. I can assure you, our Kickboxing Classes are different!

The difference with our class is, we have professional athletes teaching you the skills you need. Jumping rope, punches, kicks, combos, heavy bag work, and footwork – everything that a profession trains with; it’s the king of cardio workouts!


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Since we constantly switch up the workouts, your body won´t adapt to the class. This means your strength increases exponentially every week, as does your energy levels. You’ll be bragging about your weight loss results as a consequence of your hard work!

As a student in our Real Kickboxing class, you’ll have your very own heavy bag to explode moves onto. As you’ll soon see, this will add intensity to each class.

After just a couple of weeks, you’ll be amazed by your improved conditioning and by the newfound power in your kicks, punches and strikes. It’s absolutely exhilarating! Our classes are a 45-minute adventure, filled with new moves, combos, drills and more – our classes keep you anticipating what comes next!

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, we’ll make you feel right at home. People from all walks of life and experience levels workout in our classes; you’ll love the new friends you’ll make!

When you sign up for a free private lesson, we’ll consult with you to discover what your goals are. During your private session, we’ll teach you footwork patterns, how to wrap your hands, and some punching and kicking techniques, including a few preliminary combinations. In your first day, you’ll be kickboxing!

There’s no obligation, and no commitments. Either this is for you or it’s not. We prefer ONLY to work with people who are serious about achieving their fitness goals!