Chief Instructor

Eric Karner

eric karner with kru yodtong


“My true passion in life is teaching people the art of Muay Thai…Seeing the profound effect it has MY TRUE PASSION –on their everyday life gives me a sense of joy and fulfillment. I love the people that make up this amazing community. I love to see students live happier lives because of what Muay Thai does for them.


A BRIEF BACKGROUNDMy specialty discipline in the Martial Arts is Muay Thai or “Thai Boxing”. My journey has lead me from some of top Muay Thai Gyms in the country to the Mecca of Muay Thai, Thailand. For nearly two decades, I’ve been in the pursuit of knowledge, enhanced skill refinements, and first hand experience in this sport. My instructors taught me very early on about “Thai Style”.My first trip to Thailand was a rude awakening. Everything was so very different from what I was accustomed to the years I had been training here in the USA. The Muay Thai Gyms in the States at the time did not have the knowledgeable trainers nor the skillset of fighters, to prepare me for the difference between “our version” of Muay Thai, and the Thais version of Muay Thai.Stylistically, I began to change over time with the help of my beloved Thai trainers. I embraced the teachings, philosophies, and trademark style of the late Kru Yodtong Senanan and his famed Sityodtong Muay Thai Camp.

MY MISSION IN LIFE – To preserve the classic, signature style of Sityodtong Muay Thai, by providing accurate & authentic lessons to dedicated students.I also believe in the importance of teaching students about Thai culture as well. The Country of Thailand, the people, and the sport of Muay Thai, are all intertwined at the core.

ALWAYS A STUDENT – I always have and will remain a student of Muay Thai. To this day my training continues at the Sityodtong Boxing Camp in Thailand and with my mentors and friends, Kru Mark DellaGrotte of Sityodtong Boston and Kru Walter Michalowski of Sityodtong, LA.

Career Accomplishments…

  • Veteran trainer and fighter in Thailand & USA
  • Veteran of 25+ years martial arts experience
  • Producer of multiple champions

Produced Multiple Champions In…

  • WKA
  • USKA
  • Ring of Combat
  • CFFC

Coached & Cornered Fighters… 

  • UFC
  • Bellator
  • Strike Force
  • World Series of Fighting
  • M-1 Global
  • Max Muay Thai Thailand

Phone Number:

(908) 502-8173