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Foundations of muay thai

Foundations 0-1 Month

The Foundations Course is the building blocks of our program. You will begin to learn the footwork and body mechanics of punching, kicking, elbows and knees. These fundamentals will be applied throughout the rest of your skill progression. The Foundations Muay Thai Class will slowly build on fundamentals and your overall conditioning. This portion of your training last 2-4 weeks and is designed to prepare you for the Novice program.

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Novice 1-6 Months

Now that you have learned the foundations, you will begin to partner up with others and execute various drills which are described in your curriculum. “Where and When” to use the various techniques is our main focus in this level, also on having good form. You will begin to be able to form combinations and learn distance and timing. This course is on average takes 6 months to complete and is designed to prepare you for the next rank which is beginner class. In Novice and Beginner, we wear stripes on our yellow armbands. (2 stripes in each level) for a total of 4 stripes. We use a “stripe” to signify the level within each rank. Each level is based on a new curriculum that is designed to cultivate your skills in stages.

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Beginner 6-12 Months

Upon receiving your 3rd stripe, you will graduate to the Beginner Course. At this stage of your training you are beginning to develop defensive as well as offensive skills. This is the main focus point of the Beginner Course. We will also begin to introduce pad work. These classes will take you from a beginner to intermediate level. Level 3 BEGINNER, we wear stripes on our yellow armbands. (2 stripes in each level) for a total of 4 stripes. We use a “stripe” to signify the level within each rank. Each level is based on a new curriculum that is designed to cultivate your skills in stages.


Intermediate 1-2 Years

At this level, you will be going through your intermediate level of training. We will start to introduce some more techniques and begin to work with the more advanced aspects of Muay Thai. You will become proficient in all techniques including bag work, pad work, clinching, and technique drills. The curriculum becomes more in depth and training in class is stepped up as well. From Level 4 INTERMEDIATE to Level 5-6-7 ADVANCED, we use a colored “pradjiat” or (Muay Thai Armband), to signify rank. Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black. There are 3 stripes within each rank.


Advanced 3+ Years

ADVANCED- “PURPLE, BROWN, BLACK” By now Muay Thai has become more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle. The advanced level training will be focused on the highest levels of Muay Thai. From advanced techniques to advanced strategy, this is where your true understanding will begin to unfold. The curriculum will be extremely detailed and exams will be long and difficult. By now you have become very proficient in your skills and we will make sure you are well balanced in your overall knowledge. The “Black Pradjiat” signifies one of the the highest level of achievements as a Muay Thai practitione in our school. Once you have become a Mastery Level Student, there is a natural rebirth that takes place as a martial artist. Achieving the level of Mastery is not the end of your training but is rather the beginning of your real journey.

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Private Lessons

It’s easy to get ahead when you receive private training with a professional coach. Whether you’re looking for that motivating push to shed some extra pounds or looking for additional details and refinements in your technique, Anurak’s private training is a great solution. Many students enjoy private one on one time with their coach. The flexibility in times you can train, along with the extra attention on your particular weaknesses, makes for a great solution for those who work odd hours or have the free time to skip out during a lunch break. Private lessons are a great way to accelerate your learning curve and move up the ranks in shorter amount of time. Training one on one with an instructor will allow for he or she to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and strategies moving forward to help you reach your goals.


Professional Competition

Not for the faint of heart, our competition team is comprised of some the worlds top professional fighters. A very select few of our students fight in the highest levels of competition and promotions in the world. UFC, Bellator, Lion Fights, World Series of Fighting, Strikeforce, Max Muay Thai, ROC, CFFC just to name a few...