Authentic Muay Thai

You too can discover the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing. Great for Fitness & Self Defense. We Specialize in working with Beginners!

Muay Thai Training at Nak Muay Gym.

Learn Authentic Muay Thai Boxing in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Serving the Greater Lehigh Valley, Region. Voted Best of Bucks & Montgomery County 2015!  Nak Muay Gym is an Official Affiliate of Team Sityodtong USA

Nak Muay Gyms Muay Thai classes will help you to develop the lethal striking skills of a professional Thai fighter, without the black eyes and bloody noses. The majority of students never plan on getting in the ring. The Muay Thai program is perfect for anyone looking to get fit, meet new friends, kick butt and have a blast!

Get Back To Feeling Good Again With Muay Thai Classes!

Nak Muay Gym teaches the true art of Thai Style Boxing. Most commonly referred to as Muay Thai. Becoming a student will without a doubt, improve the Quality of Your Life! On and off the mats.

At our academy, Muay Thai is not just some fitness activity. We are constantly striving for improvements within ourselves. Training Thai Boxing at our school will give you a new philosophy of living. It will transcend into your daily existence. This is living the life as a martial artist. And the benefits will last you a lifetime.

Nak Muay Gym is an official representative of Team Sityodtong-USA, under Kru Mark Dellagrotte & Sityodtong Muay Thai Camp in Pattaya, Thailand.

Some Of The Benefits You Will Experience In The Muay Thai Program.

  • Increase your coordination and balance
  • Learn a proven, effective martial art for sport or for self-defense
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Increase your strength and agility
  • Learn the style so many UFC fighters are scrambling to learn
  • Enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn from a fully detailed curriculum
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Add techniques to a current martial art you may be studying
  • Immerse yourself in culture, history, and traditions
  • Train with real professional Thai Boxers
  • Measure your progress through our complete ranking system

Phillipsburg Grand Opening Pre-Enrollment Discounts! January 9th-30th. Classes Begin February 16th. Call Now (215) 622-6725 and Claim Your 2 Week Free Trial Course or Register Online.


“… And The Reason I Stayed Was Because of the Teachers”

“As I was turning 40 years old, I found it harder to get much out of just going to the gym. As a big fan of mixed martial arts, I wanted to learn a striking art that had both a martial arts tradition and real world application. The Muay Thai program at Nak Muay Gym was the perfect choice.

I first chose Nak Muay because of the convenient location, the quality facilities, and the variety of martial arts offered, (real kickboxing classes , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai) and the reason I stayed is because of the teachers. Knowing that most of them actually compete was a big plus. Additionally, their approach to instruction makes everyone feel comfortable as they carefully guide students through techniques with an attitude that is both serious and welcoming.”

Joe K. – Medical Researcher

Preserving The True Art of Muay Thai Boxing

Knowledge and techniques are passed down from our masters in Thailand, to our students here at home. Nak Muay Gym preserves the true art of Muay Thai and teaches “Thai Style Boxing”. Don’t be fooled by the big franchised gyms out there claiming to teach “muay thai kickboxing”

In our muay thai classes, you will learn the traditions, techniques, philosophies and drills used by professional Thai fighters. You will learn proper foot work, body mechanics, punching, kicking, elbows, knees, and clinching techniques. This is a step by step learning process that will start at the most basic level. Nak Muay Gyms ranking and progression system will enable you to advance in the curriculum as your skills steadily increase. Measurable progress feels good!

Learn A Practical Self Defense System That Works!

It’s an empowering feeling to know that you can actually defend yourself.

Not only is Muay Thai known for being the “king of striking”, it is also a great martial art for REAL WORLD SELF DEFENSE. It can be an empowering feeling to know what you are studying, ACTUALLY WORKS!

Many of the Muay Thai techniques you will be learning are the same very techniques we use to instruct current military, law enforcement officers, and homeland security officials.

YES, Muay Thai is the striking art that every current UFC fighter is scrambling to learn! These skills transition very well to self defense situations, especially with knowledgable use of knees and elbows. You will gain the skills to defend yourself in the Muay Thai program.

Phillipsburg Grand Opening Pre-Enrollment Discounts! January 9th-30th. Classes Begin February 16th. Call Now (215) 622-6725 and Claim Your 2 Week Free Trial Course or Register Online.


“8 months later, I lost over 110 pounds!”

I lost 110 lbs! Nak Muay Gym

“When I first started the Muay Thai program at Nak Muay Gym, I weighed around 350 lbs. I wanted to change that… 8 months later, I lost 110 lbs ! This is the best shape that I have ever been in my whole life and my overall life style is healthier now.

My experience training at Nak Muay has been amazing. The people at the academy slowly become your second family. The instructors are great at what they do and they really care about their students. They make sure to observe each student individually and help them out. My future goals are to lose a little more weight and become a lean mean fighting machine. I also want to help others who have been in my shoes in the past.”

Say T. – Product Manager

Attention Beginners With No Previous Experience…

95% of people who come to us have zero experience

We SPECIALIZE in working with BEGINNERS. 95% of our student base are people who have never studied a martial art before. It’s a LIFE CHANGING experience! Every class is conducted in a SAFE and FUN learning environment, and the instructors are all patient experts there help guide you. Men, Women and Children over the age of 12 are all encouraged to participate. Muay Thai classes are fun for the whole family!

Do you already have prior experience? That’s great too! You already are familiar with the great benefits Muay Thai has to offer. Our school just may be the exact environment you’re looking for. Are you a traditional stylists? Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu… We have a number of traditionalists who enjoy adding Muay Thai to their repertoire of techniques.

Muay Thai is not just about learning how to fight.

A Unique Cultural Experience.

Learn more than just how to fight. At Nak Muay Gym, we emphasize lessons in Thai culture, Thai history, and Muay Thai as an art form. This deep rooted knowledge really fosters our students into immersing themselves in their studies. You simply can’t find this type of cultural experience at any of the other schools in the area. It makes learning that much more interesting. We are NOT a fight school. Although we have a number of Muay Thai Champions and Competitors, we consider our school a learning academy over a fight academy.

We Even Have Class Trips To Thailand

Another great reason to train at our school is that we organize Muay Thai Retreats and Thailand Tours. This gives our students the opportunity to train at our mother camp, Sityodtong. We arrange for students to travel with their coaches, to the worlds mecca of muay thai boxing. Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok Thailand. You will also get to explore many other sights and destinations Thailand has to offer. The friendships and memories you create will last a lifetime. Transportation, accommodations, and training is all planned and arranged for you by the school.

Proud Affiliates of Sityodtong

Nak Muay Gyms Thai Lineage

We are proud members of the Sityodtong family. For over a decade, our head instructor, Kru Eric Karner, has studied the Sityodtong Style of Muay Thai, under the close guidance of the Sityodtong Camp in Thailand and the USA Headquaters in Boston. In 2009, Nak Muay Gym was appointed as an Official Representative of Team Sityodtong under Kru Mark DellaGrotte, the Head Conservator of Team Sityodtong-USA. 

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